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MicroCurrent Face Lifting Facial
One Session $79
Six Sessions $474
MicroCurrent is a very low voltage amperage current is passed onto the skin at trigger points in order to stimulate the body's healing process. It is effective for inflammation and helps to relax facial muscles also toning and lifting the skin.
Radio Frequency Face and Neck Treatment
One Session $149
Six Sessions $894
Radio Frequency waves trigger collagen production, leading to smoother, tighter-looking skin. The procedure is performed by a licensed professional, who uses a handheld device that alternates between heated tissue-penetrating radio frequency waves and cooling, comforting bursts. Little to no downtime is required.
Ultrasound Cavitation(Fat Removal)
One Session $250
Six Sessions $1500
Non-invasive lipo-suction alternative for people who want to contour a certain area of their body.
$60 / 25 min.

This skin resurfacer will “sweep away” dead skin cells. The deep exfoliation and increased blood flow to the skin’s surface encourages collagen formation, while firming and toning the epidermis. Also includes an oxygen vitamin infusion spray.
AHA Peel
$59 / 30 min.

Helps erase brown spots for pigmentation clarity, lightening, and brightening to even out skin tone. Skin will feel smooth and soft and fine lines and wrinkles will appear to diminish.
SunLiving® Signature Facial
$99 / 45 min.

European-style facial includes skin analysis, deep pore double cleanse, and AHA resurfacing.
Sunliving Harmony Facial
$69 / 40 min.

A luxury facial concentrating on relaxation.
Sunliving Acne Facial
$69 / 30 min.

Clinical facial with deep pore cleaning for problem and acne-prone skin. Gentlemen’s Spa-Style Facial
$69 / 30 min.

Skin-Brightening Anti-Aging Facial
$119 / 60 min.

Rejuvenating facial includes an AHA skin resurfacing and an innovative hydrating masque, plus eye treatment. Experience our stem cell & peptide technology that will leaves skin refreshed and youthfully radiant.
Enhancement Add-On with Service
Microdermabrasion $29
AHA Peel $29
MicroCurrent Lift $39
Radio Frequency $39
Masking $20
Extractions $35
Eye Treatment $20
Neck Treatment $20
Oxygen Vitamin Infusion $10